Could any one let me know how to add a text in image file using UIPath

Could any one let me know how to add a text in image file using UIPath. I have a scenario where I have to modify text in an existing image (.JPG) file and replace it with my own text. Eg: Send birthday emails to employees on daily basis.

This is a sample c# code for writing text on image.
For writing we use Graphics library.

string firstText = "Hello";
string secondText = "World";

PointF firstLocation = new PointF(10f, 10f);
PointF secondLocation = new PointF(10f, 50f);

string imageFilePath = @"path\picture.bmp"
Bitmap bitmap = (Bitmap)Image.FromFile(imageFilePath);//load the image file

using(Graphics graphics = Graphics.FromImage(bitmap))
    using (Font arialFont =  new Font("Arial", 10))
        graphics.DrawString(firstText, arialFont, Brushes.Blue, firstLocation);
        graphics.DrawString(secondText, arialFont, Brushes.Red, secondLocation);

bitmap.Save(imageFilePath);//save the image file

More details on Graphics.DrawString -

Karthik Byggari


Thanks Karthik.
Is it possible using UIPath.

Yes. You have to create variables of correct data types and with Assign Activities you can achieve that.
I don’t have sample workflow now. I will send you the sample workflow today or tomorrow at the latest.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks much Karthik. I will try but plz provide me the sample workflow at your convenient time.

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Main.xaml (7.0 KB)

try this :wink:

Hi Karthik,

When I tried I am getting the below error. Kindly check and correct if anything missing.

hi @Srinivasch

import this dll from imports


hello should be “hello”
Arial, 10 - should be of font type
please check the workflow that i have uploaded

Hi Karthik,

I even tried that.

Sry for bothering you.

Click on variables pane there i have defined a variable call font
Just change that as per your need


Please update the datatypes of the variables defined.
You had set incorrect datatypes.

Please correct me if any.


aditya here,

Thanks Aditya…now no errors but while running i am getting the below error.

please set input file path and new file path different
input file C:\path\to\image\file.jpg
new file path C:\path\to\image\file12324.jpg

Thanks Much…its working

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Is there any possibility to get the data from excel file instead of hardcoding in FirstText.


make that firstText and newfilepath variables as arguments

and pass necessary excel data.