Correcting The Resolution Of Screenshots Taken By The Robot

How to correct the resolution of the screenshots taken by the Robot ? Why is the resolution of the screenshots taken by the Robot so low?

Issue Description: With Take Screenshot activity, there might be an issue with the resolution being too low of the image saved.

Root Cause: Usually this error occurs due to mismatch of Resolution settings between Robot machine and the values/settings set on the Robot settings in Orchestrator.

Eg: If resolution set in VM is 1366*768, but the Robot settings have been set to 1920*1080 then it takes a screenshot in 1920*1080 resolution which causes the pixels to drop and the image resolution would turn out to be low.


  1. Check if the Resolution that has been set correctly in Robot machine
  2. This can be verified by taking a Screenshot, opening it in MS Paint application and checking the values at the bottom bar below
  3. Or, check the Display settings and validate the resolution of the VM / Robot machine
  4. The same resolution needs to be set in the Robot settings of Orchestrator
  5. Once set, the images will be saved with the Expected quality.