Correct information in Excel File


Once again I come to ask for guidance :smiley:

So i have the following situation: I have an excel file in which i have a list of cities, but they are not entered correctly. For example, i have the city Pitesti, but in my file it can be written in different way, like Ptesti, Piitesti, Pittesti etc.

Now, it would help me to create an automation that takes into consideration all those wrong inputs and corrects them to Pitesti, the proper name.

A nudge in the right dirrection would be more than helpful.

Thank you,

have a look on following components from marketplace

  • define a list of correct names
  • implement a flow where the name from citiy list is taken with the highest level calculated by the levenstein algorithm
  • correct present citiname with the value from the calculated lookup

feel free to use any other algorithm / logic e.g. Fuzzy, AI…

Thanks - figured it out using your suggestion. :smiley:

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