Core activities not found

I’m doing the foundation training and at the moment I noticed I could not find the Core Activites like “Open Application”, “Type Into”, “Target” and “Close Application”.

I’m using UiPath Studio 2018.2.3 Enterprise Edition. I already unnistall and reinstall the package after pasting “UiPath.Core.Activities.18.2.6745.15248.nupkg” file in the following path: C:\Users\My name\AppData\Local\UiPath\Activities

And still no acces to the mentioned activities! Can you help me?
Thanks in advance,

Hello @MCompleto

Try update the packages, select the option as image below


Hi @MCompleto

Could you provide some information about your project and when did the issue happen? Did the project suddenly stop working after opening it again in Studio?

The installation of Studio contains the Core activity package by default. It might be that your installation got corrupted in some way.

I would suggest a fresh installation to make sure the Core activities pack is properly installed.