CopyToDatatable option is not coming

Hi All

I am using the select method to filter the date column and finally want to do CopyToDatatable and assign it to a datatable in the Assign activity.

But the CopyToDatatable option itself is not coming and only CopyTo is coming. Why is it so ?

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Hi friend

Make sure you have it like this

dt1.Select(“your expression”).CopyToDataTable

yes, still not coming.

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Can you post your expression here?


If you write CopyToDataTable then is it giving any error ?


You should try like this my friend

dt.Select("[Column1]=‘Column1Value’ AND Column2 > ‘Column2Value’").CopyToDataTable

Make sure to change the conditions as you want

Did you try that? Is it working @kkpatel ?

Hi @lakshman @cybzom @Palaniyappan


Please check the above screenshot. I am working in enterprise edition.
[Requested] is the date column name. dt_irc1 is the data table name.

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HI @kkpatel,

Inside the expression Editor , the intellisense will not show the CopyToDatatable method. But when you put and press ok buttom. It will accept it.


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Ok will try. Can you also tell me if the spression is correct to filter a the date column ?

Add this assembly reference to your xaml by opening the main xaml with notepad (right clcik) and mention that extensions
For reference

Then we will be able to see
Or sometimes we won’t be able to see but if .CopyToDatatable() is mentioned the error will go
And your expression looks perfect please go ahead

Cheers @kkpatel


Thanks @Palaniyappan. Its coming now.

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Cheers @kkpatel

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