Copying to default template

Hi all

I have a default template file of. Xlsm …i have to copy data from an excel file into that default template into desired columns

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Yah thats possible
–first we can get the data from that xlsm file either with READ RANGE or READ CELL activity
–if READ RANGE we will be getting the output with a variable of type datatbale named dt and then use FOR EACH ROW LOOP and mention dt as input
–inside the loop we are going to use EXCEL APPLICTION SCOPE and mention the file path of the default template excel
–inside this scope use WRITE CELL ACTIVITY where mention the cell position of each field whose value can be passed as row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString


if its READ CELL activity we need to use n number of READ CELL and store them in appropriate string variables inside the first excel application scope
–then use another excel application scope and pass the file path of default template and use WRITE CELL Activity and mention the input string variables and the exact cell position

kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @prasssaadd

Hi @Palaniyappan
Thanks for replying
My doubt I’d we have to use
For each loop or for each data row act

its FOR EACH ROW loop buddy

It was showing error
Like data table can’t be converted to Ienumerable

may i know at which activity
if possible a screenshot of it pls

I will send u my exce1E05 Czech Republic Invoice Allocation Report.xlsx (26.0 KB)

Ya sure

hi @Palaniyappan
that .xlsm file is not showing in the rea range activity

@Palaniyappan i am sending u the screen shot

i have to copy the excel file data to this template under the desired column names like license number ,product code …etc…

hi @Palaniyappan
i have send the screen shots .please help me