Copying Ranges from Different Sheets and Pasting it in the master sheet

I have a few sheets and in each sheet I have a data present.

  1. In the sheet1 I have data related to column A and B in the master sheet
  2. In the sheet2 I have data related to column C to I in the master sheet
    and the rest in the sheet3

There might be blanks in between and that has to be ignored as well

How do I copy each range from different sheets and paste it in the master sheet? Does the append range activity work over here where I have to specify the column the data needs to be appended in?

Hello @Author_Community ,

Is it possible to give the sample excel file ?


In the above image I just need to write the data that is the week number and the date accordingly (Which is always confined to Today ). In the next cells from project Number to Rating I Copy the data from the sheet1 of another sheet and paste it here. There is another sheet that I need to take and append the data to Expected and Phase (It is something which can’t be shown so changed the column names) and append it here. So there are three different append activities


You can do it like this as append range won’t work here.

  • Read the 3 sheets and store in 3 data tables.
  • If you want to remove some rows(blank rows), use filter datatable.
  • Using write range first write the datatable that contains column A and B
  • Then write the 2nd datatable that we got from master sheet to column C to I
  • Then write the 3rd Datatable.

Please let me know if this works for your query.


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