Copying of the column has been done. need to shift column every month

Hello there, I managed to resolve “copying of multiple cells with breaks in between in columns”. However the column need to be shifted every month. i.e. This month I downloaded the data into column J but next month the data need to be downloaded into column K ( which is the next column) . I couldn’t decipher a way using RPA to do it automatically. Can any experts guide me on how to? Thanks.

Hello @Michael.T

If rest of the columns (this month onwards) are blank, you can take the used column count and increase it by one for the current month report. This way, the data will keep getting added in new column every month. Please note that you will have to convert the column number to name - c# - How to convert a column number (e.g. 127) into an Excel column (e.g. AA) - Stack Overflow