Copying files to external drive (eg. Network drive) not allowed in Windows Compatibility (.net5.0 or higher)?


It’s known fact that when changing from Windows Legacy => Windows Compatibility you can’t invoke sub-processes from external drive anymore.

But also Copy File-functionality from example C:/ => some network drive, doesn’t work anymore. If process is run as Windows Legacy project (duplicate project without conversion basically) it works fine, like it has for years. I.e no other changes, cannot be acces thing, and process does not give any errors!

Is this something that someone has faced before, or are there any known workarounds?

Basically robot creates file to computer where it’s run (to C-drive) and end of that procees, I just want it to copy that file to network-drive.

Funny thing is that if I export data directly example from SAP, and give path to network drive, it works fine. Reading files FROM network drive works also as expected.

What is the error you’re getting from the Copy File activity?

Nothing, it gives no error and yet files are not copied to network drive.
I have tried different files and paths but same thing. If I do same thing with Windows Legacy version => works fine.