Copying data to outlook email body if data present or 'no data' text if none present

As it says above basically.
I have an excel sheet with 3 tabs. each one may or may not have data as they are dynamic in nature. In my email, I want to include the data from each tab into the email body with some text in between. If there is no data in a table, then I want some text instead.
for example.

Table 1 data
(insert dynamic data from tab 1)
Table 2 data
(insert dynamic data from tab 2)
Table 3 data
(no data in this table so “no data to show” text)

I hope this makes sense. I have the email body sorted with the joining text etc, these are the last bits.

Thank you in advance

you can have multiple Data tables just have a count of rows then have a check if count is >0 then merge all rows or columns however you want to format if condition fails you can append No data to show.

Would I just read this from the excel doc and then write to email?