Copying data from one excel file to another

Hey everyone!

I am trying to copy the data from one Excel File to another, excluding the header. Right now this is process I have:

There should be an issue somewhere as the process does not work properly. Could someone spot the mistake?

Thanks in advance!


May I know what error are you getting here ?

And also if possible run the process in Debug mode and check step by step where it is failing exactly.

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It is not giving me any error, it just keeps running without opening the second Excel File


You can read excel file from “A2” and use write range to write in second excel file
Read excel file without headers by unchecking add headers


Hi @ccastrejsan,

Can you try using Excel activities separately, not nested?


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Hi @muhammedyuzuak,

I will try this as soon as I can. Thanks!

Hi @muhammedyuzuak,

If I use the Excel activities separately and not nested, it does not recognise the variable dt1 in the second Use Excel File, as it says is not declare. Is there a way to make dt1 a global variable so I can use it in the second Use Excel File activity?

I see that the flow halts in the Read Range activity, but it does not show any error. The process just will not stop running but not going anywhere.