Copying assign into different sequence generates unsupported expression message

Hi All,

I’ve got an assign in one sequence it is assigning the value of a regular expression to a string variable (that’s fine)

If I now try to copy this assign into a new sequence (completely separate to the sequence it came from) I get ‘unsupported expression’ messages in the assign boxes. I’ve never seen this behavior before and don’t really understand why it is happening.

I understand that the variables used in the assign need to exist but this is a different issue as I’ve created them in the new sequence (basically I want to create a separate component to do this type of string manipulation as I think I’ll be using it a lot).

If instead I now try instead of copying (which should work) I manually rebuild the assign

I get an error that says that ‘the name system does not exist in the current context’ which is very strange because it’s fine in the original sequence.

Any ideas what is going on here please (2 issues copying and the system issue either and or both)

Many thanks,



As I can see that’s from C# project, Also can you mention the version of the studio?

Try updating the packages and see

Hope this may help you


Hey @charliefik ! Can you try to import this library?

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks but it doesn’t seem like a packages issue (why would it work in one sequence but throw the issue in a separate sequence in the same project)

Thanks Srini,

I think it may be c# related. I think the code that I used as a base may have been generated in c# uipath instead of VB uipath (if you know what I mean, I’m using VB uipath).

I’ve started a completely new project to avoid the issue.

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