Copying and Pasting to different Excel Workbooks


I am trying to take data from one excel and take it to another excel. The first workbook is a macro enabled excel and the second is a CSV Excel File. I know there is a copy and paste function in excel, but do not know how to span multiple workbooks.

Thank you.

we can either use MOVE FILE or COPY FILE activity and mention the current file path as source and mention the destination file path of what name and file type we want to save with

Kindly correct me if i m wrong with question
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if you’re talking how to handle it with macro → VBA to copy a file from one directory to another - Stack Overflow

Here is one problem. So i need to keep the headers in Row 1. and paste the information to row 2. Anytime I do this it freaks out and pastes to row 1

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Kindly check once whether ADD HEADER property is enabled or not in the activity with which we read the data from excel or from csv
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