hello everybody,

please i need you’re help !

when i try to copy a file from directory to another it’s give me this erreur

“cannot find a part of the path”

N.B : i have to give a global path to the robot in orther to this one, works in other laptop.

thank you !

Hi @ifranity,

your path should be a generic one, check that. or show it here with some format.

from :
my path is : installationfolder + "\folder1" + variable

destination :
my path is : installationfolder + "\folder2" + variable

okay, then before moving the file, just print/log the path. So that we will get to know what path it refers and when we are getting this error.

you mean that i have to draw a flow decision
if true => messagebox
else copyfile


No, use Log Activity - inside that log the (installationfolder + “\folder1” + variable).ToString for both paths

same error unfortinutly

check the file path available or not using that Log activity which I have mentioned in the previous post.