Copy the single PDF in to respective folder in output

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HI All I have a project as, in a subfolders it is merging invoices and supporting document i.,e as ( Example if I have a support Doc name as ABC and invoices as ABC_123, ABC_234 it is merging as ABC_123+ABC in output name as ABC_123 and for 2nd file ABC_234+ ABC output name as ABC_234).
So my requirement is adding above activity If in a subfolder if I have only support doc file as ABC or only invoice/s ABC_123, ABC_234 need to copy the same into output . SO please amend my project or advise the step to do the same
Merging_Suportdoc and (3.2 KB)

@ppr Hi Can you please assist to amend my code or advise the step to copy only invoices or supporting docs in to output with subfolder name

@srilakshmi_Tippireddy - I will take a look today…I didn’t get a chance yesterday…

I read your requirement couple of times but I couldn’t fully understand…could you brief with some examples?

HI @prasath17 My project is merging invoice and support doc getting output with invoice name

Requirement: If in a folder having only invoice/support document it has to be copy into output with existing subfolder name

@srilakshmi_Tippireddy - So you need to move or copy the BCA.pdf to the Output folder right?? Leaving other files untouched in the folder right?

@prasath17 example : YES UNMERGED FILE ALSO COPY TO RESPECTIVE FOLDERS. Should continue my existing project .activity