Copy the list of variables/arguments

It would be really useful for documentation if we were able to copy the list of arguments from Studio (to paste into Excel/Word etc), either from the variable/argument pane at the bottom, or in the Edit/Import Argument window. Also when I work on testing and want to run slightly altered versions of components in a test sequence I have to repopulate the invoke workflow’s arguments, so being able to copy would save time there (unless I’m missing a trick there which already exists).


Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.


I think this idea is really helpful.

i wouldnt do like that if i had that many arguments… why dont you use just one dictionary instead?

You’d still need them all defined somewhere anyway so I’d need to copy from wherever, and I prefer to keep my config file clean (and no have in_Str preceding entries for example) - also some are variables so would need those arguments separate as they change. Unless I’ve misunderstood you?

my advice is more about managing projects arguments, not really having that functionality to export them… i mean is a lot easier to manage one complex object than dozens of small ones… i can only imagine you setting each of those inside your project, forgetting one or another… and also is better for memory consumption of your program to have only one object.

Is there any reason for not copying the entire Invoke Workflow activity for this purpose?

It’s rare that multiple workflows have the same argument list, so it’s much more likely that you’re invoking the same workflow with different arguments. Why not copy the Invoke Workflow activity and edit the arguments in question?

Sorry for the slow reply!

I should clarify, for the first part I didn’t mean copy the invoke/arguments to somewhere else in the project, but to copy them so I can paste into our documentation. This is now solved as I use the generator which skims the project and generates the DSD, capturing all invokes/arguments/components etc.

For the second part, this would just be in a Test.xaml where I would want to test individual invokes in isolation (and I want to really ensure they’re separate, I know debug can help with this, I’m just picky).