Copy text inside the citrix

Hi Team,

We are doing automation inside the citrix environment. I am searching Invoice reference no and it is populating 4 rows for particular invoice no. Now I have double click on last claim no (in attached screen shot claim no - 2069) and do the further processing. How to identify the last row and double click on it.

  1. Now For claim 2069 , we found total 2 rows then we have double click on each row and do the further process. How I can do the same.


To go to last line - Does you app support “Ctrl+End” hot key?

Yes send hotkey is working

@loginerror @aksh1yadav :- Please help

How I can check if there are multiple same claim number are present ?

Likely only by using OCR :frowning:

How I can calculate the count of same no claim no from bottom ? in attached screen shot Claim no -2069 is available for 2 times so in that case I have to do validation check on each row of claim no 2069.

How I can use OCR?

Could you process the last record, “remember” it’s Claim no and try the “second last” if it has same Claim no - if not stop processing that claim.

Thank you. How I can extract the Claim no because I have used the OCR the extract it but it is not working properly. Could you please help me in extracting claim no ? Which activity I should use ?

I some citrix automations I used to copy data to clipboard by selecting the entire field (Ctrl-A) and copy (Ctrl-C). Then I used “Get from clipboard” activity to retrieve the value. Not sure if this is possible in your case.