Copy Text from web page and paste into excel

Hello everyone!
I want to copy some text from Internet to an excel, but it is saved as the following:

“”@context”": ““””,
“”@type"": ““PostalAddress””,
““addressCountry””: ““España””,
““addressLocality””: ““MADRID””,
““addressRegion””: ““MADRID””,
““name””: ““REPSOL SA””,
““postalCode””: "“28045"”,
““streetAddress””: "“MENDEZ ALVARO 44"”

“”@context"": ““””,
“”@type"": ““LocalBusiness””,
““address””: {
“”@type"": ““PostalAddress””,
““addressLocality””: ““MADRID””,
““addressRegion””: ““MADRID””,
““streetAddress””: "“28045 MENDEZ ALVARO 44"”
““description””: ““PETRÓLEO Y GAS””,

““name””: ““REPSOL SA””
,"“telephone”": “”+34913318093""

    ""@context"": """",
    ""@type"": ""Corporation"",
    ""name"":  ""REPSOL SA"",
    ""alternateName"": ""REPSOL SA"",
    ""logo"": """",
    ""image"": """",
    ""foundingDate"": ""01/11/1986"",
    ""foundingLocation"": ""MADRID"",
    ""isicV4"": ""PETRÓLEO Y GAS"",
    ""numberOfEmployees"": ""0"",
    ""taxID"": ""A78374725"",
    ""telephone"": ""+34913318093"",
            ""@type"": ""PropertyValue"",
            ""propertyID"": ""Company Number"",
            ""value"":  ""A78374725""
          ""@type"": ""Person"",
          ""name"": ""BRUFAU NIUBO ANTONIO"",
          ""jobTitle"": ""Presidente:"",
          ""worksFor"": {
                      ""@type"": ""Organization"",
                      ""name"": ""REPSOL SA""
          ""@type"": ""ContactPoint"",
          ""telephone"": ""+34913318093"",
          ""contactType"": ""customer service"",
          ""areaServed"": ""ES"",
          ""availableLanguage"": ""es""
    ""url"": """",
          ""@type"": ""PostalAddress"",
          ""addressLocality"": ""MADRID"",
          ""addressRegion"": ""MADRID"",
          ""postalCode"": ""28045"",
          ""streetAddress"": ""MENDEZ ALVARO 44""


    Mendez Alvaro 44

Can anyone help me?


it’s looks like JSON. Try deserialize extracted text from webpage and get values which you need from json :slight_smile:

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Is there any way that I can read this text without saving it like JSON?

Thank you in advance!

It’s depends what you are looking for there.
You can also use regex but in my opinion JSON is more friendly :wink:

My goal is to copy literally the result of a search, since it is an address that I want to write in an excel. I would like to copy thie:

Ok. So which activity are you using ? It’s looks like you extracting all webpage.
Use get text and show me how selector looks like.

I do not manage to print my screen and send you how it gets text.

It says it is the default method, with a “fuzzy selector” (selector difuso in Spanish)

It looks like your “get text” activity is using an invalid selector. Can you open UI Explorer for the selector, click “highlight element” and send us a screenshot of it?

Try change the selector … however if you can’t provide the screenshot and you have to use this extracted text please take a look to this project. It is simple example how to use json and getting values :slight_smile: (2.7 KB)

@Rafael_Abad to be sure - Is it StudioX ?