Copy specific Rows in Excel

Hi All,

I need to copy the Specific rows (Based on Name) from a spreadsheet and paste in other Excel.

Ex: In Excel its having 100 rows with 10 Provider names. Each provider has 10 to 15 Rows.

Appreciate your help! Thanks.

There are two options

(a) Read the excel, loop thru and based on criteria write the rows to another excel
(b) Open the excel, use filter option and copy paste

Hi @anon96676723

1.Use read range activity to store your values in the datatable
2.Use for each row , inside that use if condition
3.If the condition is true , then use assign activity or use write range to store your values.


@anon96676723 You can go step by step

  1. Build one DtataTable using Build DataTable activity.
  2. Using read range read the excel file and store the data into DataTable
  3. Use For Each Row and loop it with extracted DataTable
  4. Check whether row(“License”).equal(YourExpectedValue) using If activity
    if True : Add to another DT [ Created DT 0 point ]
    if False Leave it Blank
  5. Once the loop will over By using Write Range activity write the DT into output Excel Sheet.
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Hi ,

This will help you to copy the specific rows.