Copy Specific Columns from 2 Tables to 1 Template Table

Hello everyone,

It may seem very simple to most of you, but I’m not able to copy some columns from 2 tables to 1 target table.

can you help me?

Attached are the files…

I need to extract some columns from the OperacionesDQM and RelatorioSAP worksheets and insert it into the OperacionesDQM_Template Worksheet,

OperacionesDQM (1).xlsx (13.5 KB)
OperacionesDQM_Template.xlsx (9.6 KB)
RelatorioSAP_01092021.xls (45.1 KB)


Follow below steps

  1. Using read range activity, read data from excel.
  2. Use Filter data table activity. In the Filter Wizard,
  • Do not specify anything in Filter Rows tab.
  • In output columns tab, Mark column selection mode to “Keep” and Under columns, add the columns that you want in your output datatable.
  1. Use write range activity to write the data in new excel/sheet.

hope this will work


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No problem :slight_smile:

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