Copy specific cell (dynamic) from Excel and Past it on Word at a specific place

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I am trying to create a code for the above query, any help will be great appreciated

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Archana Gaur

What is condition to copy specific cell dynamically…

As i understand you want to copy total from excel and paste into word dox after xxxxx with same format.(this format more look likr mail)

Here are the steps, data from excel into datatable.

If your data present always at last specifed cell then
Use read cell and pass following in cell parameter
“C”+ (Dt.rows.count+2).tostring. Or
Value =Dt.rows(dt.rows.count).item(2)

If it is after totals then“column name=‘TOTALS’”).COPYTODATATABLE.rows(0).item(2)

Then just open doc using open application
Send hot keys for find and replace (alt+e+r please confirm this)
And change the required field.

Let me know if any thing elze is needed

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