Copy Sheet activity stopped working

Hello! I am running into an issue where the Copy Sheet activity is giving me the following error:
It was working until 20 minutes ago and it suddenly stopped working.

My workflow for this is below:

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Can you try killing the excel process in the task manager manually? @Hisuhong

I hope it is running in the background so you are getting that error

I kill Excel in the beginning of the workflow and I do run it in the background. It worked all of last week and early today. It suddenly stopped working 20 minutes ago :frowning:

This is the error I get. Not the one I posted above

Can you please let me know how many rows you have in your sheet?

24 with the headers. 23 witout

@HareeshMR okay…It suddenly started working again and I changed nothing… Is there a way of doing this same task without this activity? Because it works, doesn’t work, and then works again…

I would recommend just using a retry scope. Retry scope is perfect for sequences that work intermittantly for seemingly random reasons

@Dave how would you use the retry scope in this case? Because I don’t know what to put in the “Condition” section

@Hisuhong Don’t put anything into the condition. It will retry on errors only if you don’t supply it with any conditions

Oh! Is that how it works? I will try that out. Should I keep “ContinueOnError” unchecked @Dave?

@Hisuhong - completely up to you on the ContinueOnError property - that still functions the same.

If your retry activity has NumberOfRetries set to and the Condition is left blank, it will try the activities within 1 time, then 3 more times. If it errors a total of 5 times (initial + 3 retries), then it will throw an error in the workflow. If you click the ContinueOnError property it will still try 4 times, but then on that 5th error it will simply continue to the next section of your workflow.


Thank you very much! I will try this :smiley:

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