Copy rows from txt file and paste into browser

Hello All
I am completely new to uipath can smemone help me with some hints?
So I have a txt file on my desktop conatining many rows seperated by enter, these are music titles.
I want to copy the text in each row to clipboard, then open browser and paste it into youtube for example and find the first result, and add it to a playlist.
can someone help me how to build this script?

1.) Read the data from the text file using a Read Text File activity into a data table.

2.) Add an Open Browser activity to open The rest of the workflow will be inside this activity.

3.) Use a For Each Row loop to iterate over the datatable created in step 1.

3.) Inside the For Each Row loop, use a Set Text activity to enter the text from row(0).ToString into the search URL.

4.) Use a Click activity to click the first result. Make sure the selector created does not contain part of the title of the song or any other identifier which specifically identifies one song. You can also add idx='1' to the selector to make sure you’re selecting the first one. More on selectors below.

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@viktor.varga You can follow the below Steps for Reading the txt File :

  1. Use Read Text File, and get the output data as a String variable

  2. Split the String Output based on Newline, the output is an Array of Strings.
    Now all of your Song Titles are in an Array

  3. You can use For Each to Display each Song Title in the array

  4. Inside the For Each you can use the item of For Each to fetch each value. Use Type Into Activity to enter the value in the search Bar. Use A Click Activity on the Search Button to Search.

  5. Then you can follow the Steps that is needed to Add the Song to Playlist

Can you proceed with these steps. Also tell us if you encounter any problems while doing it