Copy rows from excel to MS Access

I have a requirement to copy rows from excel (excluding header) and append to a table in MS Access after the last row. Can this be done using UIPATH?

I am using Read Range to read from excel, Connect Activity and Insert Activity but I am getting this error. Can anyone help with this issue?
Insert: IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with E_FAIL(0x80004005).

I was able to manually copy and paste the rows to access successfully.

Tried with square brackets as well, for table names. Still getting the same error. I have about 112 columns. I copied all the column names from Access table to my source excel so that they match. There are few date columns but most of them are null and couple of date columns have values. I did format cells on excel columns to have date format and did preserve format in read range. Nothing seems to work.
Can someone please help?