Copy Row Item and Paste to New Excel End of the Data

I have attached the workflow where I am using Lookup and Searching a value in 1st Excel File.
If the the Value is Found then writing “Found” in that RowIndex to Column ‘BT’.

If not found then Searching that value in 2nd Excel File.
If found in the 2nd file then I need to Copy the Data of entire row and need to Paste to File1 Excel at the End of the Data.

Any suggestions ideas are appreciated.
TestLookup.xaml (12.6 KB)


Hi @Gagan_Chaudhari

What are the issues that you are facing in the current implementation of yours?

Hi @kumar.varun2

Yet I am not facing any issues just stuck at 2 points.

  1. How can I write ‘Not Found’ if Number is not present in both reports.
  2. If found, I am getting the Row Index, then how can I copy That Row and paste to another excel at the bottom.


Hi @Gagan_Chaudhari

I made some modifications and prototyped on your 2nd point where you wanted to append the found row from 2nd excel file to 1st file.
But the not found case is unclear. Could you please provide more info, what exactly are you expecting?

Thank you

TestLookup.xaml (13.6 KB)
Excel2.xlsx (8.6 KB)
Excel1.xlsx (8.6 KB)