Copy row from a dt to another dt

Hi experts, I’m trying to copy row from dt 1 to dt2 with only columns Name and Email and skipping blue row. How do I achieve this?


Step One:
dt2 = dtOne.DefaultView.ToTable(false, {“Name”,“Email Address”})

Step Two:
filter dt2 and remove empty rows

  • Filter DataTable
  • LINQ Statement

Hi @sophiey ,

Could you maybe try using Merge Datatable activity where the Destination is DT2 and property MissingSchemaAction set to Ignore.

You should then be able to use Filter Datatable activity on DT2 to remove the empty rows based on the two column values.

Please Refer below xaml
Dt1 to Dt2.xaml (13.9 KB)

Output as follows


hi Aniket, is this extracting row by row? Because I want to extract row by row and convert to different set fo dt.

Yes, Its extracting the data row by row.