Copy range from excel

Hello all,

I need a small advice.
I need to copy a stable range from Excel → lets say A1:B20.
And paste whole range into website.
Manually I can do like this: Copy range from excel, go to webpage, select first cell, copy with ctrl + v.
All data is copied.

how I can do this with UiPath?


Hey there,

I would suggest you use Read Range, few links below on how to do it. That will give you the data in data table, then on the website, you would have to parse through data columns and rows and place one at the time.

PS. Make sure you have Excel package installed.

I have used this. But what I have to do with datatable now to paste all at once.

Nvm, i totally forgot about output data table…

Nah still cannot paste whole excel range…

How are you trying to paste it?

Try to use “Set to clipboard” Activity and then Type Into [CTRL + V] on Website.

Hi @pllo2ptk,

It may help you.


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