Copy project from development environment to production

Hello Team,

How i can deploy my project to production environment .

I have completed the development in dev environment . There are 2 production servers, one is for the orchestrator and another one is for the robot and studio will not be installed in production servers.

Now how i can publish the package from my local to another machines robot ?? Will it required studio to be installed in the production servers also??

seems a duplicate question?

A few different options:

  1. Use Studio to publish to [production] Orchestrator (Requires changing the Orchestrator URL between builds)
  2. Download Package from Dev Orchestrator and manually upload it to Production Orchestrator (This is a good way to ensure what you tested on the Dev Orchestrator is what will be published on the Prod Orchestrator)
  3. Use a custom Nuget Server/Repository and configure both Orchestrators to use it as an External repository
  4. Use a build pipeline that will build/manage your packages and publish them to Orchestrator
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Please find the below steps.

  1. Go to the Development orchestrator.
  2. Select the required package from Packages tab->View versions-> Click More Actions->Download Package.
    3.Launch the production orchestrator and Upload the package under packages tab.
    4.Click on Process and add as a new process.

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