Copy Pivot Table into email Body

I want to copy and paste the pivot table inside outlook email body …
how we can do that ??

Hi @Sparks811,

You can use the activity read cell to specify the pivot table range and then you can assign it to a variable so that you can give the outlook body the same variable.

Read Cell will read a single Cell…I want to Copy and paste the whole pivot table inside email body

Yeah, its my mistake. It is Read Range:)

yes I have already tried that …but by this approach i will have to create html table in order to paste it in table format…without doing that does anyone can give a solution,…i want pivot table with same format inside the email body

You save this pivot as image and then u can add this image in body by using html code.
You has to check the property as "Is html "

Can you show me an example please?

What i did is i am saving this pivot by using save as option at right corner of excel.Then after saving i put it in body.I will share it once i will get free

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How to email using outlook and append body with table of content - #9 by rahatadi

Please check this can help you.


does ui automation is possible for this scenario? can anyone help me with ui automation?

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