Copy Pivot Column and Past it into 1st empty cell of another table

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I need help with coping one column (A) of a pivot table to an already existing table in the first empty cell (e.g. A:27). I used find first\last data row (A:26) activity and saved it for later use. But now I am stuck how to create the next activity… Do I have to use append range or copy range? and how to define the destination in the advanced editor within StudioX?

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You can use Copy Range and Custom Input to copy the column:

Or WriteRange and Custom Input

Thank you Flavius.
I want to paste the column E (from the pivot table, in your example) not in cell A1, but in the first free cell in this column A. And the column E includes a headline and values, so only the values should be copied. Could you depict how that will work? Thank you again!!

  • FindFirst/Last Data Row has a “Has Headers” row which will skip the first row in your column E
  • If you want to append in the first free cell, you can use “Append Range” instead of “CopyRange” - it will add the data at the end.

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