Copy Path from a column and write into another column

Hello All

In this excel file i want to loop through column G and on the basis of the current value i have to find that path in column D.
After that i have to copy the complete path and write into the H column based on G column index.

For Example:-
my current value is 57862542_120661102. I will search in D Column where it will match.I will copy the complete path C:\Bot\Downloads\xmls\Z57862542_AE1_000120661102_0073.xml And write into the XML_File_Path column in first row.

Plz tell me any solution.
Thanks in Advance

Hello @Sonam_N
Try this

  1. Use read range activity and read the excel file
  2. Use for each row data table and pass the DT in it
    2.1 Use if condition Currentrow(“Layout_Files”).ToString=“57862542_120661102”
    2.2 Then flow, use assign Currentrow(“XML_File_Path”)=Currentrow(“XML_File_Raw_Path”).tostring
  3. Out of for each row, write the data table in an excel sheet.

Thanks For Your Reply
But I have to search in D column that is XML_Files_Raw_Path.
I have to search that Path in the whole column, when find copy that path and paste into H column XML_File_Path


please follow below steps

  1. read range data in datatable dt
  2. for each row in dt
  3. use filter datatable on dt on column “xml_file_raw_path” with contains and value as currentrow("Layout_Files").tostring and filter into filterdt
  4. then a if condition to check the filterdt.rowcount>0
  5. in then use assign currentrow("xml_file_path") = filterdt.rows(0)("xml_file_raw_path").tostring


I have updated the expression, try this.

If possible Share the Input file, It will help us to provide a better solution for you

Hello @Sonam_N

Please check the similar psot.