Copy Pasting Data From One Sheet To Another

I have 300 rows Of Dummy Data. I Need To Take First 25 Rows Copy And Paste It Into A New Excel Sheet. I should Continue The Process Untill The Last Row. 25 25 etc In Each Sheet. Can Anyone Help Me With This.

Hi @MD_Mubarak,WELCOME
Here is the workflow,

- Read Range (input: source excel file)
- For Each (input: read range data)
  - If (condition: counter modulo 25 = 0)
    - Create Workbook (input: file path)
    - Write Range (input: current 25 rows, destination: created workbook)
  - End If
  - Increment counter
- End For Each

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@Shanmathi Counter Modulo Will BE My Variable Right.

I Am Not Able To Get. Can You Help Me In More Detail.

What Will Be There In Then And Else inside If Condition.

Hello @MD_Mubarak , Welcome to UiPath Community
Refer this sample flow, you may get some idea (6.2 MB)

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@ There Are 3 xaml Files It is Really Confusing. Can You Guide Me In A simple Manner.

@Gokul_Jayakumar Can You Look Into It.

Hi @MD_Mubarak ,

Hope this might give you some idea on the use case. (10.4 KB)

AS I am Learning UiPath. I am Fresher. Its Really Complicated.