Copy/Paste Range as value for cells with formula failed

Dear all,

I have this process, for the Copy/Paste Range part, I set the Options as Value, but for those cells with Copy/Paste Range as value for cells with #N/A, it becomes -2146826246
test.xlsx (9.4 KB)

, actually it should be still #N/A

if it always shows as -2146826246 for all #N/A values, it is fine, but I am a little worried about it, if next time, it doesn’t show as -2146826246, but other numbers, then I cannot use Filter data table activity to remove all #N/A rows.

Hello @li.yu ,

I think I am getting the N/A in excel while using this condition. Here I am uploading the workflow.

Please let me know if u are facing the issue after using this also. Please refer to the image attached below

Copy paste range.xaml (9.7 KB)

Venkatesh. R

Thanks, but it doesn’t solve the issue.