Copy & Paste message RPA

Hello everybody,
I’m not a developer but I want to optimize my working time.
I receive every day some informations that I have to forward to another contacts.
I receive it with a skype message and I want to send automaticaly to an another, is it possible to do this with UIpath? If yes is it possible to help me?

Another question, i receive the information every day but not at the same time but I have to forward these information after i receive it (or not more than 30 min)
Is it possible to add a functionality who check maybe every 15 min if a new message was received?

Many thank’s in advance for your help

Hi @arnaud_jozefiak,
Welcome to the Community!
I would say that with UiPath almost everything is possible :smiley:
But to begin with this I suggest to do at least Academy trainings.

@arnaud_jozefiak - yes this is definitely possible. I second @Pablito’s opinion that you should check out the academy trainings as well. Note that the workflow you mention would be fairly complicated as it would involve getting all active windows, checking the window title for each active window, then extracting the information if necessary. Then you would need to automate the sending of the information you extracted as well.

This forum is meant to help people when they get stuck, or to share ideas. It isn’t meant to be a free resource for someone to completely create a deployable robot for you :slight_smile: - If you don’t have time to learn how to use the software I am sure you can post on the jobs section and contract it out though

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