Copy paste in a dynamic range in a for each excel row

Hi everyone,

Please help me with this:
I’m trying to copy a range form one sheet to another but at a different place. I have searched for the correct syntax but I can’t find it anywhere.

I have a sheet with some new hires who has to be screened.
For each clientteam the screenings are different.
For example:
Sheet 1:

Sheet 2:

So what I want is that in sheet 1 the “Check” is copied to the right screening for the right clientteam.

So the outcome has to be like this:

However I have to keep in mind that in the future more clientteams will use this process. So it has to be dynamic.

Many thanks in advance!!!

Oh, and if there is some documentation about this (which I could not find :grinning:) please let me know.

Hi @100981 ,

The Output has the Screening for D, E and F for the ClientTeam YYY, But the Check is only available for the YYY Team on Screening F (Sheet2). Is this a Typo ? Or is there a Different logic imposed here?

@supermanPunch : yes, this is a typo.
It has to be:

thank you for your awareness!

Hi @100981 ,

Could you try By using the Join Datatables Activity :


Here, Sheet1DT and Sheet2DT are the Datatables having the values of Sheet1 and Sheet2

Also, We would like to know Does the Sheet1 Always have all the Screenings as Empty values at first ? Or will there be some already Populated Values?
If Already Populated, Will the Sheet2 Screening values override them if the Sheet2 has null values too ?

Hi Arpan, sheet 1 always has the Screenings as Empty

@100981 , Then as a First Step, When Reading the Excel Sheet1, You would Not Require to Read the Screening Columns or Maybe After Reading you could Delete the Screening Columns, Since, It would be Redundant after you have Performed Join Datatables Activity with Sheet2

Do Check the Join Datatables Activity as mentioned above in the post and Let us know if you are able to get the Expected Output.

Many thanks!!!

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