Copy Paste from one excel workbook to another with format

I want to copy a column from one one sheet to sheet in another workbook. It should copy values and format of the cells. I tried various options but couldn’t do it. It pasted data/values but not format.

Hi @csmart - Did you check the below video

Also, please share your sample input excel if possible

Heloo @csmart
Try to modern excel activity
Kindly refer this xaml file its may helps you (80.4 KB)

@ushu @Gokul_Jayakumar I had tried these solutions. These allow entire sheet. I want to paste particular column, say column C to be copied and pasted in different workbook.

@Gokul_Jayakumar I also tried specifying range in your suggestion but it is not working. Check the image, it is not working.

copy paste

Check that.

@csmart ,
Here I attached Updated code, kindly refer it
In which, Just copy the formula from input to output. (82.5 KB)
And it will work based on our conditions, If we enter the Start range, end range will automaticall calculated at end of data by row column.
If we need certain column, we have to feed the condition start and end point of column

Gokul Jai

I did the same thing and it worked. Earlier I was defining range as “C1” and not “C1:C100”.

@csmart , You are giving static range as C100 end,

Refer this , i gave end value as dynamic. Based on column count, it will determine the end position

If you found the solution, kindly mark as a solution, I wil usefull for someone looking for same issues.

Happy Automation.

Gokul Jai

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