Copy Paste data from an external application (not a website) and write that into excel - Automate

Hi All,

I am a total newbie here in UI path and I have gone through some tutorials on youtube about using UI Path. (its been just 5 days in UI path).

I am facing a lot of small issues in copying data from an external application on a remote computer repeatedly and pasting it on the excel file on my local computer.

Kindly help or point me to the correct thread where i can learn more.


What activities are you using??

what exactly do you mean by a remote computer and how are you connecting to it?

check these 2 posts, i am sure you will get your answer

I am using Read Range, Build data table, Do While, Recording from Screen, Write Range, etc.
Since i am a new user, i cannot attach my xaml here :frowning:

@Sourav_Poddar Can you please elaborate more that what you are trying to achieve.

I have a remote computer where i have an application installed (a database application which cannot be installed on my local computer due to security reasons). Now i have some keys (about 250) in an excel file which i need to search on the application on remote computer and corresponding to the search, i get the first name, last name, phone number, and 20 other details. Now for each key, i need to copy paste the key in the search box in application, hit enter, and copy paste the info generated one-by-one into the excel file on my local computer.

I am not using the citrix app.

if you have to copy the data manually using ctrl+ c and ctrl+v into an excel, does that work?

can u tell me till which step your bot is working fine???

Considering that your app is in remote computer you have to use image base activities…

Hi Sakshi,

Is it possible that i can contact you somehow? I can explain you the details then.