Copy one sheet of macro file into another macro .xlsm file uipath

Hello everyone,
I have a template in .xlsm file with options to choose inside macro file. I have to form this template for each user so I tried to copy the sheet of the template and created xlsm using write range however the choose option is diseappeared. Do you know how I can form for each user each template with the information of the users in xlsm format based on the template?

@Symbat_Almakhan ,
To run a macro, you can first open a notepad and paste the macro code there and save as a txt file,

then in studio , use excel application scope to open the excel, and inside the excel scope , use invoke VBA activity, and provide the macro name and txt file path , now the macro will execute during the run

I don’t need to run macro I have to create template for each user. I have the template already created so I wanna copy this template for each user do to form template for each user

@Symbat_Almakhan , is it okey to copy paste the same template and change the filename to each user? or you are providing any inputs for each user?

@Symbat_Almakhan ,
You can use Copy File activity to copy paste the template, and use rename file activity to rename the file

The problem in copy pasting is that macro file function which is choosing option inside the xlsm file disappears. I’ve tried copy file activity but it didn’t work with xlsm files

@Symbat_Almakhan ,
Please have a look on to this link