Copy one Excel row to another Excel

Hi all

I have a spreadsheet (we’ll call it SS1) of 100+ rows with all different types of characters, numbers, dates, everything.

What I want to do is copy/cut a row of data, put it on another, blank, spreadsheet (we’ll call this one SS2) and save it. This will then be uploaded elsewhere.

Then I’d like it to loop through SS1, copying each row individually and saving it on SS2. Only one line at a time can appear on SS2 due to the data on it so the data from SS1 will either have to copy over the line, or the line on SS2 will have to be deleted first.

Is there a way this can be done? I thought it’d be a “for each” activity job but I’m struggling to work out how the data will be copied.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hey @Short

Please check out this link:



Thanks for this! Quick question though, I have 60 columns to move over and they’ll change with each different spreadsheet (i.e. I’ll do one spreadsheet which’ll have 100 rows, then another spreadsheet which will have another 100+ but with different columns). Will I have to manually add them to the “Build data table” part?

That link was just to give you a reference when you will perform the copy one datatable row to other then you should use ImportRow method.


Hi @Short,
Please take a look , it will help you.