Copy multiple emails one by one from excel file

I would like to ask for help. I have an excel spreadsheet where I collect email addresses. I need to copy and paste each email address one by one into the mailing system, because it only supports pasting 1 email at a time. There are thousands of email addresses and if I set up a copy paste option for each row separately, it would be a very tedious job. Is there a simpler solution to this?

Hello @RensoStudio ,

Which email activity are you using and instead of adding one by one you can create a collection and add it once.

you can refer the below post also.

thank you, but unfortunately this is not suitable for me. The platform where I have to insert the email addresses works by pressing the button after each email address to add it. It can only add 1 address at a time I show a picture of it.

since the software only accepts 1 email at a time , so there is no other way , you have to do it one by one as you are doing currently - you can try to decrease delays between each entry or UI activity to make it a bit faster
Can you try adding some emails separated by “,” or “;” and check if it is able to send to multiple persons