Copy/Move Excel Sheets to Other WorkBook

Hi All,

I want to copy/move excel sheets to other workbook.
I have checked the link for the excelcopysheet activity, but it is not available in my studio (version 2018.2)

we need the data to be copied with source formatting and we need to copy more than 10 sheets from 4-5 workbook to one workbook.

checked this link as well, but no hope

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did you try with balareva ecel activites from manage packages.

Let us know if you can solve using balareva packages from manage packages.
Pavan H


HI @sarathi125,

After reading excel file
You can use that data table name in for each,Inside for each you can keep that move file activity to move file from one folder to other

Hi @sarathi125

Yes @pavanh003 said right. you can use this package to achieve this.

Here you can get the detail . the examples are used the UiPath Gallery.


Hi @balupad14,

Thank you for the details, but not able to open the xaml in studio 2018.2.3 version.
Do we need to include any dll, I am getting this below error.
Could not find type ‘BalaReva.Excel.Sheets.CopyToFile’ in assembly ‘BalaReva.Excel’. Row: 57, Column: 6

It is using the gallery. You can download it from UIPATH go at local and configure it.

Thanks Bala, with the latest UiPath Excel Activities package version 2.5.2 that can be done with the CopySheet activity.

Thank you all for your support.


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