Copy info on hover

I am using amazon elemental for my server. I need to hover over the every job and note down the status. how to do it in uipath? or how I can read the colour of the image?
when I will hover over the “status”(a green colour image if running and orange if not running) it shows “running”. I want to copy either this “running” or colour of the “status” image( i.e. green or orange).

You can use ‘Hover’ activity to hover of the elements. I believe the jobs are into a table where you would like to hover over. Use ‘Find Children’ activity for the table with a Filter selector set specific to the tag that you want to hover. Find children will give you the list of all the UiElements. Use a For Each loop with a Hover activity inside the loop.

Is your status displayed as a popup when you hover over the job? or is that a part of the table itself.

You can use ‘Get Attribute’ & see if there is aaname or color related attributes that you can capture.

Rammohan B