Copy full path from an open workflow file

The full path and filename is displayed in the workflow tab tool tip. It would be great to also get a “Copy full path” function like in MS Visual Studio.

At least I often want the path and/or file name for other applications, like documents or e-mail.

You can get full path by applying below checks

  1. Directory.GetFiles(“path till the folder”)
  2. take above value in assign and assign it with variable
  3. later take new assign and for name pass below value
  4. Path.GetFileName(PATH_VARIABLE.ToString)

Thanks for your reply, but I don’t mean in the code. I want this feature in the studio, e.g. here


Thanks for your suggestion, I saved it for our Studio team to consider.

In the meantime and just to type it down for others - a half work around would be to open the explorer either from the Project panel:
or from the right click menu on the specific xaml file:

And then copy the partial part to the folder from the explorer window.