Copy from excel to web site

I’m trying to copy a table to a web site, but when I paste the table I lose the format and copy it as a regular text.
I’m copying the table to the clipboard and pasting it with CTRL+V

Hi @laredo,

Can you please share screenshots of your issue for better clarity which may help to give the right solution to solve?


I’m working in JIRA and I want to update the call adding a table copied from Excel.
what I did till now is to copy the table to the Clipboard and I did CTRL + V in JIRA, but I’m losing the format of the table

I attached a screenshot of JIRA call

Hi @laredo ,

just give a try on this, while reading the excel you might be using Read Range activity.

Click on preserve format and then perform the rest actions.



how I get to this menu?

click on properties of read range activity


I’m not in read range, I’m in “For Each Excel Row” and inside I use “filter” and “Copy/Paster Range”

Can you show your that part of code which is not giving the results