Copy from Excel Cell

Hi all,

My excel file has 4worksheet. I need to copy from a fixed cell (the information in the cell is date of an update) from 2 of the worksheets.

This will be “pasted” into an email. Can anyone advise how I can proceed to do this?


Use Read Cell activity to read value from particular cell and it will give output as String and then pass it to Email body.

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Thank you so much for the prompt response!

The fixed cell is the same for both the worksheets I’m working on. Do I need to perform the Read Cell activity twice?

Hi @emilytxn ,

You can read excel file like this


Now, to put the value in email that depends how you want show that value in email?

Accordingly you can do the changes.


Yes you need to use Read Cell activity twice. Place both the activities inside the Excel Application Scope activity.

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Thank you!

I encountered an error “reference to a non shared member” for my Excel path. How can I solve it?

Can you please share your screenshot how you are using it ?

One more thing, is cell address on each sheet is same in your case ?

Yes! The cell address in both worksheets are the same.

okay then this will work, please share your screenshot how you have implemented it ?