Copy filter data and UnFilter

Hi guys,

I am using filter table activity…

But how can I dynamicly copy the filtered data? Because after filtering, data row index like 2,3,4,10,15,29,30…

And how can I unfiltered data(clear filtered ) after I finished copy data.

Thank you

Hi @Chen_Kenny

As far as I know, Filter Data Table activity can meet your needs.
Base on your questions, if you can create a dummy input file and describe what you want to output, then I can make a sample process for helping you understand how to do it.

output.xlsx (11.5 KB)

Hi @wusiyangjia,

Thank you for your support. I record one demo to manually select it.

Please begin from 10 seconds. :slight_smile:

Hi @Chen_Kenny,

You can use filter datatable acticity for this, in the activity you can pass the parameters accordingly and get the filtered DT which you can print.

Then for example say you got a DT with filtered data with columns A, B, C, D etc. but you only want a specific column value as you showed in the video you can do something like.


this will give you a single column of that filtered values now you can print this directly using Write range.


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