Copy file within RDP session

I have automated connecting RDP session. I want to perform copy activities validation activities in RDP session. How to do this?

That’s the tricky part. If your Robot is running on your desktop and manipulating something inside of an RDP screen, it may be that your Automation won’t run when your laptop screen is locked.

You may have to use the (Click Activity with right-click) > Copy > (Click Activity with right click) > Paste to copy files within two folders inside the RDP screen or a file from inside RDP screen to your desktop.

Your question on validation activities is not very clear.


Thanks Andy.

You’re welcome Ashok.

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Instead of copy files within RDP session, which can increase the complexitiy of your automation.

Why dont you, if you devices connected though the same network, just copy the files using a common file or just copying direct in your Disk$ (C$, D$, etc).

It can make the work easier.

I hope my comments are helpful.

Actually @wagner that is the least complex way to go. But it depends on the level of access someone is granted.
For example, in our case we rarely get access to shared drives directly from our laptops. But we do have access to protected VMs via RDP sessions to perform our job functions.
Besides, it takes a long time to go through security and get the shared drive access approved.

Sometimes, it can be much more easier to realize the productivity with traditional RPA methods and if possible shoot for the shared drive solution as a long term approach.


I suggest you, maybe, you can set:
One file share to Develop your automation
In QA, you requested permission to your RPA users to run QA (here your development is done and ths project will be on hold until the permission is approved.
You can reduce pressure on your Team during Development.
Just an idea.
I undestand your concerns about permissions. I face the same.

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