Copy File with error

Hi, i’m trying to copy file from 1 folder to another, but have been getting this error message. Can anyone help?

Hi @Joanna2

The variable CurrentFile.FullName is not indicating a file but a folder. Maybe it’s pointing the folder in which the file is stored. Make sure you change your path including the filename.extension, thus it will be taking the exact file that you want.

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I feel the problem is with the to variable…there you have to provide the complete file path …I guess you gave a folder path there…please provide a filepath…even in the error it says the target file is wrong



I guess there is a folder named “data” in the target folder and you try to copy a file named “data”.
Can you check if the above situation in your environment? If so, can you try to rename “data” folder to other name?


Hi, i need to copy a few files, how do i do that?

You are doing it.

Can you send us the image of that folder and value of strPath?


Try like this

in to field - currentFile.FullName

in the from field Path.Combine(strNewFolder,currentFile.Name)