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Hi All,

In A folder contains 2 files and I am renaming the files with inprogress once I have read the file’s

Expect result below :

If file name contains new then I need the out as below.


Tes_new file need additional copy without changing inprogress

Hi @Naveen.Ch

Use Directory.GetFiles(inputfilepath,“.xls”)

for each item in files
then pass the out filename

Ashwin S

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Thanks for response.

My question is there any way to keep the original copy and take one more copy to change the status of file in same folder .

Before renaming it use file exist activity
according to that rename it…

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Thanks for the response.
Input is 1 input file (Test_new.xls) in 1 folder
Output is 2 files with original one and new one like below in same folder

But it will change the name of orginal file right.

But I need 2 set of files one with exiting one and new one with renaming

How we can keep and rename the file in 1 folder

Use copy file activity

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