Copy excel workseet

Hi there,

Is there a way to copy an excel worksheet?

I am trying to read a range of cells (A1:CY2700) from one workbook and copy it into a sheet of another workbook. But the data is a mixture of values and formulas so the “Read Range” activity doesn’t work and it will be very tedious to identify cells with formulas and applying “Read Cell Formula”.

Other suggestions welcome. Please help!

One way to do is, you can use excel application scope with visible check option and send below hot keys(with 1000 or 2000 delay before)

  1. F5 (src start range)
  2. F5( src end range)
  3. Shift + enter(will select range)
  4. ctrl+c( copy src range)
    Alt+f4(close excel1)
    Open excel2
  5. Ctrl+v( F5 if you want to specify start cell)

Interesting idea! This might as well help me :slight_smile:


Hi @nikita.kabra,

I don’t know you got the solution or not . But here is the activity to copy from excel.